Salt n' Peanut - SOLD OUT!

Salt n’ Peanut are created using a simple LED soft circuit.
Salt acts as the power source to illuminate Peanut’s LED. When in contact (trunks touching) the LED illuminates. When apart, the LED is off.
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Included in kit:
• 2 wool felt elephants
• 2 wooden ears
• 3 yds of conductive thread
• 1 LED
• 1 bead
• 1 coin cell battery

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Conductive Thread Sample

10 ft sample of 235/34 2 ply HC Conductive Silver Thread. Use this conductive thread to make any pair of gloves work with a touchscreen.
($5.00 Price includes shipping)

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Conductive Thread- SOLD OUT!

Conductive thread is no longer available. I will have a new conductive thread available in Jan 2011. Sorry for the inconvenience.

235/34 2 ply HC Conductive SilverThread by Shieldex.

This is an excellent overall thread with low resistance
and light fraying. The thread is also very fine.

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Thread Specs
Resistance: ~ 30 ohms/foot
Thread Weight: Fine
Manufacturer: = Shieldex

Thread Analysis
Bobbin thread= yes
Top Thread = yes
Hand Stitch = yes
Fraying = light
Resistance = Low


This product has sold out.